The D>I<G logo was not designed on accident. It is an acronym, but the use of the greater than and less than symbols around the “I” have meaning. From one side it states that something is greater than “I” and from the other side it states that “I” is less than something. In both cases this symbol states that we must remain humble; that we are subordinate to the experience of life. That Discovery and Growth will always be “greater than.”


We want you to:

Discover strengths in yourselves, and in others. 

Feel inspired, and to give inspiration.

Grow as individuals, and embrace growth in others.

D>I<G deeper 


This program is for middle school students who believe they have the potential for leadership. We are looking for thoughtful youth who are interested in inspiring others to be at their best while discovering the best in themselves. 


This is a free experiential opportunity to collaborate with peers and leaders in the community who share the goal of raising awareness of bullying. The experience includes activities that foster collaboration, develop leadership qualities, and encourage thoughtful and creative strategies to help others.